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Dark skinned girls can wear and do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT beautywise. Who makes the decision that “That color is too bright for your skin” ? Following these ideas uphold the stupid eurocentric ideas of what beauty is. These ideas limit dark skinned women, and broaden the choices of eurocentric looking women. I’m guessing you’re that chic who says shit like “That color on her hair is so GHETTO” when you see a dark skinned black girl with blue hair but once you see someone else with it you’re like “Oh that’s so CREATIVE”. This is disgusting that a woman of color would post such nonsense. You must think you are the shit for having less melanin but  you are still BLACK and instead of perpetuating the ideas of colorism that have so long held our people and especially women down, you should be doing everything in your might to trample them and uphold your sisters. SHAME ON YOU. DO BETTER. 

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One thing I learnt how to do was to OWN MY MISTAKES, and MAKE AMENDS. The devil did not make me steal, or lie, or be unkind. I chose to do those things, and I will not only apologize, but I will also make fruitful attempts to change my ways so that these things do not happen again. 

I used to love Drake so much before he did this and then he did this and I loved his ass even more lol

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He cancelled. An hour before. So much for taking chances. Didn’t say why or anything.

Let’s just do a meet up and drink wine and be nice to each other and talk about the fact that so many men really ain’t shit these days ugh I can’t even

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